Where is your Studio

My  main studio is in Woodbridge, CT and is located a few wooded steps behind my house of 35 years.  I also have a studio in Boynton Beach, FL where I can enjoy and be inspired by all the wonderful Florida colors and light.

How long does it take to make one of your works?

They vary a lot due to scale of course, but it can for the larger pieces take as long as 6 weeks from clay to final firing.

Can I order one of your pieces as a gift?

Yes,  please use the contact information on site and let me know what colors and timeframe you are looking for and I will gladly talk you through some options and ship it directly to whomever you request.

What makes your design process special?

I travel all around the world collecting all sorts of objects including woodblocks, antique lace. and other textual pieces that I then use to press into small pieces of clay which are the base of my works. I also use contemporary textures to help create a contrasting juxtaposition to each piece. This patchwork form building process and makes no two pieces alike.

How long have you been a professional ceramicist?

I have been making all sort of clay forms and works for the past thirty years. I have shown my work in galleries across the country and even world wide, but now I prefer to sell my work through art shows because I find it to be more fun.